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April 27, 2014
By Music_Is_Life_23 SILVER, Ralston, Nebraska
Music_Is_Life_23 SILVER, Ralston, Nebraska
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"Confidence allows us to succeed"

Dear bully you torture me you,make me feel useless you are the reason why I get picked on.Why don't you get the hint,I’m done? Picking on people isn’t cool but yet you sit here and go on with it. Your clique goes right along with it.You make it seem like you don’t do anything wrong.You are the reason why I sit up at night crying myself to sleep because I know i’m not good enough.Making people feel useless to the point where they wanna die,isn’t funny but to you it’s alright maybe if someone were to beat you up or even pick on you maybe you would get it through your head that this isn’t cool.

When you bully people have you ever thought about how they feel?

Kids commit suicide over stuff like this because of people like you.Your a killer,think about what you say next time you bully someone.


Me and other victims.

The author's comments:
This letter is to that person who puts me through hell every single day at school.

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