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Riding the Storm

April 14, 2014
By Anon.Writer SILVER, Loveland, Ohio
Anon.Writer SILVER, Loveland, Ohio
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Do you ever get those times, when you are so upset but can't figure out why? You feel that your world is coming to an end, but you have no clue why. You cry and scream, but there is no logically reason for it. The slightest thing makes you angry or cry.

The sun in you world disappears. You become a whirlwind of emotions. You are constantly changing and moving. Nothing is ok, but nothing is wrong either.

The very fact that nothing is logically wrong, makes everything ten times worse.

People try to guess what is wrong. They try to get you to tell them. But they don't understand that you literally can't. Because you don't know what is wrong either. They add to your frustration and stress. But you can't tell them to go away either, because they are trying to be a good person.

Then you snap. You simply can't take the questioning anymore. You yell at them and take almost everything out on them. You know its wrong, but this is something you can't control and secretly you don't want to control it. It feels wonderful to release it all. You know that you will regret it later, but for the moment it is glorious.

The person leaves, and you return to your prison of emotions, that has grown even stronger.

Who knows when it will end? But it will end. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not for weeks. We don't know. But we have to ride out the storm the best we can. It's all that we can do.

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