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Just Around the Corner

October 3, 2013
By OakwoodCat GOLD, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
OakwoodCat GOLD, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
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“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”
― C.S. Lewis

“Shh!” I hissed playfully to my cousin, Alyssa. We exchanged smiles and kept our heads hidden beneath the exotic pillows of the burgundy couch. Our necks strained from minutes straight sitting in stiff positions. We were listening intently to our parents, what they were talking about, viewing them in a reflection in a window. It has become a tradition for years when we go to my cousins house. We’ll take notepads, notebooks, or sticky notes and hide in spots where we can hear well, without being observed, and if possible, see, usually through a reflection. Sometimes our parents will find us snickering behind curtains, or laughing around a corner.

Sometimes we hear very interesting things. At first, we heard about things they would have never told us, but then we think they started to realize what we were doing, and now the most interesting information we can get is about cleaning carpets. But it is still thrilling and fun to listen in and try not to get caught. After we take as many notes as possible, we’ll meet in her room and read them to each other, doing funny impressions of people’s voices. We always have fun together spying on our siblings and parents.

We both stiffen as my uncle slowly walks through the room in which we’re hiding. We hold our breath, and smile as he passes by us. After about twenty seconds, we stand up from our cramped positions, and sneak upstairs. “Did you hear what my dad said?” She asked me. “Yeah, how he went in the girls bathroom at Chucky Cheese, and didn’t go out for an hour, because there were constantly people in there?” “I never knew that! Now I’ll never forget...” she laughed. I always look forward to another evening with my cousin, the thrill of hiding and noting, never knowing who is just around the corner.

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