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Ramblings of a Madman

September 10, 2013
By Opticalillusion DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
Opticalillusion DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
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I am an artist bound only for the poet's glory....But only achieve half of the success that my dreams aspire to find, And to what do the whispers tell me of this failure...To what end to they haunt my nightmares...my eternal dark dreams...

What is it that drives a mans destiny? What decides whether he is a success or a complete and utter disaster?
What is the process of a normal human being that becomes great, or become insane trying? Is it the inferior accusations, or the status of superiority itself ? Is it lustful tension, a love for another human being? perhaps some religious nature that drives success or insanity? No? Most likely it is the chain of choices we make, or even likelier the logic behind them. A question to the audience if i may be so audacious. Do these ramblings make a man look curious or just mental ? It seems I have let my thoughts wander once more true so very true, I am of track but do try to remain placid or is it just me who has taken a turn of unsettled impatience? I truly don't see how I came to be this way, amazeing student. In the social world i am looked upon as an outcast or a madman.
Nonetheless I do not see the point in social interaction etherway. I have grown weary though of all who interact with me, this is due to my past troubles made me self reliant, maybe i should inquire a bit more. It started sometime ago about 6 years if I remember correctly. It started with a knock, and with the knock came in the Federal services. OH!!! The Government's Executioners! D.S.S Took Me and my Brother away! We slowly grew apart until the point where the final thread was Shredded, Ripped! TORN! When i was taken to foster home after foster home, year after year. They wanted to make me “Normal”. What is “Normal”? What is this word that has Destroyed my family and my childhood! It is Appalling sickening and putrid! 6 Years of ABSOLUTE HELL JUST TO BECOME “NORMAL”!! 6 years wasted never to return…. and the goal was never even accomplished.
I am not normal, I am abnormal, I am abstract , I am above average.
…..I am ...a ..Madman.

The author's comments:
This is a one page summary of my life.

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