Leveling the Battlefield

Why it was ever assumed that women are the weaker of the two sexes is beyond me. Men are physically more challenging than females, but women pose an equal challenge mentally, and they possess a greater capacity, by far, for hostility. We are simply better at concealing it.

Elegant, poised, beguiling – words all uttered when describing women, women of the past at least. Then, women were too fragile to function in the realm of men. They existed merely to fan themselves on verandas, write letters to their men off fighting on enemy shores, and swoon over heroes in stories that were created especially to rescue them. The breeding factor need not even be mentioned. Now, however, men are writing letters to their sweethearts on the battle front, and women not only live the expanse of their lives without children, but are more than capable of raising their young without patriarchal influence.

Female independence is astounding, especially compared to what it was during the “Southern Belle” days, and yet, one sweet reality has always existed for the double-x nation – brutality. Since the hominids skulked around the African savannas, women have harbored blackness in their hearts. Deep down, women are all capable of acts of vile, unthinkable hatred, and the only reason men exist is to fuel those caustic flames. They are merely fortunate that women are so graciously tolerant.

If the world requires proof of this lurking cruelty, the world is ignorant. It need only scroll through the pages of history, and literature as well, to behold what heinousness has been borne of the female race. Marie Antoinette manned the thrown beside her husband and watched France starve in a deplorable privation. Joan of Arc ravaged armies for the sake of God. The mote of the Red Queen’s castle is strewn with severed heads, and when Romeo kills Tybalt, Lady Capulet’s first thought is to whack him.

Also, when browsing through various forms of literature, and history too, one must also be wary of all the catastrophes that have occurred due to women. The entire Protestant reformation was founded on Henry VIII’s lust for Anne Boleyn, which then led to those lovely Crusades. Romeo kills himself for Juliet. The entire Trojan War was fought over one woman. Thousands upon thousands died merely to throw Helen into a sack and haul her back to Sparta. None of this is a coincidence, yet, one must recognize that women are not only mischievous, and utterly destructive, but also that men will do anything for a pretty face.

Women are fragile, yes, but remember not to mistake that with fragile-minded. When comparing intelligence, men and women are most likely equal. Females, however, are able to create chaos, whether by their own hands or those of doting men, and those same men are wise not to forget it. Women never will.

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