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That was the last .

January 13, 2013
By farjana GOLD, Tucker, Georgia
farjana GOLD, Tucker, Georgia
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So many questions I have unanswered . are we okay ? are we like we were before ? did you like walking past by me fight in front of my face ? all the times we didn’t talk or walk side by side do you know what I did ? do you care for me when I’m hurt? All the scars left on my arm . all the harm you have done , to you it was really none. – farjana .

That was the last , oh baby that day was the last , Baby now it’s the past , the condition you left me in had left me in a terrible cast , baby that is it that day was the last did you even give anything you did in thoughts ? so many questions left unanswered im left in the corner tied in knots , going back to the times we had even fought but baby that’s how love takes place you could have never been replaced you severed all contacts now you can’t even be traced , you can’t even be chased . now I can’t even stand to see your beautiful face the times I miss for you to be embraced and now that I’m going through is a terrible case . that I just want to break a f***ing vase everything in the city speeding itself by quickly but our memories in my mind repeating itself slowly , they could never be erased not misplaced your were on of a kind we both had a perfect mind had fire met everything was so unexpected everything we said and did together was so god gifted when we first kissed it felt emanceful everything around us was so graceful but you spoke such hard words with the explaining I had given so many open chances but you didn’t even look back twice to take the offer you could have spoken softer memories being slaughtered broken to pieces into a broken heart you broke my trust and we both walked apart with a slight look back and alots of precious tears had so many fears I cry on a shoulder of my close peers and that was the last there’s so much I’ve unspoken of my past four to five months had gone by so fast now everything had just been dumped in the trash with torn notes and pictures , necklaces , that were worn all these memories had mixtures of everything if I could so anything I wish I can make my past just last cause baby I wanted it all to last.

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