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Dear Mandy

August 17, 2012
By AWriterOfWords DIAMOND, Hamburg, New Jersey
AWriterOfWords DIAMOND, Hamburg, New Jersey
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Dear Mandy,

I wonder if you remember me, I know I remember you. I often lie in bed at night wondering how you are doing with your new family. I am glad you got your forever home, but wish it was with me. Since you were my first foster, you were the hardest loss to get over. I can close my eyes and still see your big brown innocent-looking eyes looking up at me, your tail would be wagging too I bet. I remember when I was petting you and my Mom came by. She looked at you unsure. Our old dog Rocky died about five years ago then, but she still wasn’t over it. Then the group asked if we were willing to foster you for the week till next week’s adoption. With much convincing from me, she decided I could take you if I was to care for you. She was unsure of you, but in the end she did like you. What first made me come to your cage was your looks. You had those gorgeous brown eyes, and your bio said you were a Puggle-a pug and beagle mix. You were small and had a black face but had the shape of a beagle with the long tail and floppy ears. Do you remember your pool? I do. It was a purple kids pool that I got you to go in. I gave you a bath on your second day at my house and you looked adorable running around the yard full of bubbles, while I chased you to come back. By the end of the week, you would only go in the pool if I was with you. Do you remember your football? I do. It was yellow and blue. I would throw it for you and you knew how to fetch and would bring it right back to me, drop it at my feet, and look up at me with those brown eyes. Do you remember every time I would sit? I do. You would jump in my lap and lie down, content and as happy as if it was your home. Do you remember me? I hope, I remember you and I miss you. Being my first foster, you got me into saving lives of dogs just like you. So in this story, you are the hero who changed my life. Because you changed my life, I help change the lives of dogs every week by giving them a second chance by fostering them. If I could see you now you would be the exact same I bet. I was reading quotes in English the other day and one of them reminded me of you.
It went like:
“True love doesn't have a happy ending, because true love never ends. Letting go is one way of saying I love you.”
I let you go to get your happy ending and my true love for you has never ended. But I hope I let go and someone else, someone better took my place in your heart because you deserve it. I am looking for you all over. Why? Because I want to see how you have grown. I want to meet your owners and make sure you have a great home and life. I care for you, even though it’s been a year now-today marks a year, July 9th that’s why I’m writing this letter. I posted an ad online and in the newspaper. Hopefully your owners will see, and let our bond be renewed when I visit you. My heart soars, waiting for a reply. One day we shall see each other again. Until then I will miss you, think about you, and always love you.

Love you always,
Your foster home friend

The author's comments:
Based on my experiences of fostering dogs. It truly changes you and I recommend others do it too, to help save a life like I did for the real Mandy.

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