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A Day In My Life

May 12, 2012
By praveen.Trichy PLATINUM, Thirchy, Other
praveen.Trichy PLATINUM, Thirchy, Other
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cruel leaders are replaced only to turn other leaders cruel

Before starting the story, I am sure that I will not speak about the person who was considering as a terrorist by many people. Still, It is hard for me to believe it had happened. I believe he is a terrorist, because he used children as his shield. My kind request to those who read is, 'before you curse any one, try hard to love them.'

For me, it was just a normal day in school. Class begins and we all started to work. I know what was happening in the country. There was a Civil-war going on for more than 30 years. It still confused me why people are fighting and killing themselves. On that particular day, I felt school as a safe place than home. There was firing everywhere.

I believed no one will enter the class and scare the students until, a man in uniform broke the door of my class. Without asking questions, he pointed the gun towards the student Dhina and shoot him dead. I was terrified. Dhina was a pleasant boy with good-looking. He never even harm animals. He never knows mean the terrorism is. At that time, it was hard for me to believe he is dead. His blood shattered over the whole class.

I am not sure, whether he is a soldier or a terrorist. He began to shoot all the students he saw. Me and some students manage to escape from the class. We stole behind the school water tanks in great fear. I begin to worry about my friends.

I heard the voice of cry near me. All my friends were scared. I peeped through the hold and watched a man plucked a small baby from the mother and throw it roughly to the ground. He later shoots in the head of the baby. Seeing this mother kneel before the baby and cried. The man who looked like a soldier shoots right near the year of the mother and kicked her face.

My heart stopped beating and was really terrified. If you are a mother of a child or a teenage girl who likes watching the cute priceless smile of babies, you would know what I meant. The poor baby did not know anything unless sleeping and crying. I saw the face of the baby and was shocked.

As a teenage girl, I love babies a lot. I love to play with them and hold them in my lap. My anger aroused, but it declined after I understand the same thing will happen if I even open my mouth. I nearly faint in fear when I remember the people's words about what the soldiers used to do if they caught a teenage girl.

I promise myself that If I was caught, immediately I will cut off the nerve of my hand before they do harm to me. My friend, Aamirtha has told me since my face color was white the soldiers will not do anything. But, I heard in the news that the army and the terrorist are killing even foreigners. I was not sure whether they let me live. But I promised at that time, if they shoot my friends I will cut my nerve. Me and my friends stayed behind our school tank till my father came in the midnight and take us away.

I cried and felt asleep in the arms of my father. I think I got faint and when I woke up, I saw I am in the middle of ocean. Later I understand that I am not in Sri Lanka now.

I am not a Tamil girl, but lived among Tamil girls from my childhood. It may be easy for anyone to judge others with their caste or religion. Not all the people in Afghanistan are Terrorist, and only the Taliban are. Like that, not all the Sri Lanka Tamils are LTTE, only the terrorist are.

Terrorist used children as a barrier and killed them. Soldiers are also killed the children because they were angered by terrorists. No one is there to save the children who did not know even what the pistol is. I did not like to judge who the terrorist is, but I believed that both groups have no humanity even to the small babies.

They fought and bring death to themselves. They ignored children and starve them to death. I am happy that Sri Lanka military announcing that the war in Sri Lanka is over, and they wiped the face of terrorist. But the question still ringing in my heart, Is what they did to wipe terrorist is a right thing.

Still I used to tremble in fear about thinking that day. The sweet calm face of that baby still haunting my dream in cruel diabolical expression. I request God never to show me such a scene till my life ends.

The author's comments:
It's my story. I don't know English well and so with the help of my friend, I like to share it to the world.

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