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now the lamb really LOVES the lion

April 26, 2012
By isa416 SILVER, Northversailles, Pennsylvania
isa416 SILVER, Northversailles, Pennsylvania
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now the lamb really loves the lion. this happened last night when i met his family for the first time. well that is not the point but here is the point. the lion was being so kind to the lamb. and the lamb was going out of her mind, because she did not have the strength to stay away from him any more. but she knew that she had to keep her distance. but that was no longer an option for her. she was falling for this guy that was perfect for her. so last night after there date he leans in for the first KISS and he says what will you do if i did something to your face, and she says it depends on what you are going to do to my face. then the lion comes closer an closer and then he holds the lambs face with his hands and tells her that she is so beautiful and that he dose not want to lose her. this makes the lamb really love the lion. I am falling for the Lion.

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