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April 4, 2012
By Oneself BRONZE, Maitland, Florida
Oneself BRONZE, Maitland, Florida
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Your life is based on your choices, not your abilities.

Is this real? I see my great-grandparents that I haven't seen in a while, and my grandma who doesn't seem that much different since I last saw her when I was six. My fish that was in the living room when I was little, and the cat that ran away years ago. Heaven is not keeping some of my family away, heaven is keeping them in a haven away from the pain they suffered. I wish to be with them, but I can't.
I wake up from my dream, wishing I was back. But then I realize that I have a whole life to live. Nnew adventures to experience, new friends to make, and new places to be. I'll see the people in my vision someday, but not today.

The author's comments:
All the people that I stated have moved from my family to heaven, but I know that when its my time, I'll see them again.

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