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I'm a Veggie

March 29, 2012
By Kayroxy101 GOLD, Ringwood, New Jersey
Kayroxy101 GOLD, Ringwood, New Jersey
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"I decided a while ago not to deny myself the simpler pleasures of existence."~ Augustus Waters, The Fault in Our Stars

It all started with a game:

Karina, a chubby 12 yr old girl, and a bunch of her friends were sitting around their usual lunch table. Eight girls in total. They were all hunched over the table giggling over what Sierra just said.
"Hey, wanna see how long we can go without eating meat?" Christina asked me. Karina nodded enthusiastically, she had always wanted to be a vegetarian.

It was tough for Karina at first. Her mother kept forgetting about her new diet. Her mom would make chicken for dinner or burgers and Karina would run out of the room crying.
"Mom, what I really need right now is your support. I really want to do this. This means a lot to me," Karina explained to her mother after 4 months of dedication to the game with her friend Christina.

Her mom nodded in understanding. Her mother wanted to support her, she really did but it could be so aggravating trying to find a decent, balanced diet for her daughter.

No chicken. No fish. No pork. No beef. Honestly, there aren't many other dinner foods, she thought.

The weeks went by. They were filled with loud arguments between mother and daughter.

Six months passed since the first day of "el vegetarian-o" commencement.
"I can't do this anymore, Karina, my doctor told me I need to eat meat. I have some blood thingy," Christina announced. She had some sort of form of anemia.

So they stopped. give or take. At the same time. It was Karina's birthday party and they both bit into a sausage at the same time, so it could be fair.

A couple weeks later...

"I think I'm going to keep being a vegetarian," Karina told Christina. "Meat kind of grosses me out, now-a-days."

However, the arguments still continued between Karina and her mom. They were all along the lines of:
Mom: I just don't know what to make you to eat any more!
Me: Whatever is fine. Just not meat.
Mom: *Sigh*

After a couple more months of that, Karina could not take the fighting any longer. It was becoming a daily routine. She decided to compromise. She told her mother that she would eat fish and chicken. Fish, because it was healthy. Chicken, because she missed her mother's homemade soups and dishes.

Thus, became to be the Treaty of Treats. Also known as, the diet of Karina that both satisfied her mother's wishes and her own personal values.

It is almost 4 years later. Karina is still a vegetarian who does not eat red meat, and her mother and her have not fought over her diet in a long, long time.

The End.

The author's comments:
This is the story of my vegetarianism. What's yours?

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