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Our Star

February 17, 2012
By BrilliantInnocence SILVER, Edina, Minnesota
BrilliantInnocence SILVER, Edina, Minnesota
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" I'm not perfect, I'm perfectly flawed," Amy Lee
“Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary." -Gerard Way

The cry of the wind echoed in the crisp night air. The stars danced above me, in unison along with the music of the wind. The trees swayed back and forth, the wind tousling my hair. I watched as the moon rise, to touch the endless sky. The sky that posses magic, unlimited possibilities all waiting to be found. To be discovered. To be revealed. I can feel the freedom, the endless promising things. I feel a hand slip around my waist, the warmth and comfort of the grasp. Holding me to the ground, keeping what is sane in sight. I know he will be there for me; he pulls me down the grass. The soft grass, catching our bodies.

“You see the moon,” he whispered in my ear. I gazed into his dark brown eyes, the image clear and accurate mirrored in them. They sparkled, enticing and enchanting.

“Yes,” I said softly as he brushed a strand of hair out my face.

“Look three stars to the right,” He points to a small star, gleaming lonely in the black abyss. “That is our star, our star that whenever you are lonely you will always have.” His voice warm in the chilly night. The star, our flickered faintly millions of miles away, shining just for us.

“Promise me, that we will grow old together, that you will never leave my side, that we will fight through every problem together.” He asked. He set his hand on my own.

“Forever and always, you will be my one and only. You are my star.”

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