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How To Survive Heartbreak

January 7, 2012
By jward24895 SILVER, Montour Falls, New York
jward24895 SILVER, Montour Falls, New York
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"I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.” -Stephen Hawking

-Tips To Feeling Good About Yourself

Spend a whole day by yourself doing things YOU like to do. Things that make YOU happy.

Take your dog(s) for a long walk. Do not stop until you have laughed at least 100 times at how crazy they are.

Take a bubble bath. A really, really hot one. One so hot that you get goose bumps. And blast the loudest, most upbeat music you can find. And sing, off key of course. NO LOVE SONGS. Then take a shower using only cold water. I can guarantee you will feel refreshed.

Get your nails done professionally, and make sure you stare at them for at least an hour a day.

Wear sweats for an entire week straight, not because you’re lazy, but because you are comfortable in your own skin.

DO NOT eat chocolate. Trust me, I know you want to. But you’ll hate yourself later.

Go to the gym, and actually work out. Stare at every hot guy, but also give them a reason to stare at you.

Cleanse your face daily so you don’t get dreadful acne, but do not put makeup on. If you must, only use mascara. NOTHING ELSE.

Shop! Shop! Shop! Even if you go into a little bit of debt, it’s probably worth it.

Buy perfume. Lots of different kinds that smell pretty to you. And actually wear them. Then smell yourself. All stinking day. Breathe in that prettiness!

Writing it out is always a good solution. Keep a journal (don’t start with that “Dear Diary” crap), just informally write down your thoughts. About how you want to kill your ex, then how you miss him, throw in some of your favorite quotes, and go back to talking about killing him. Then reread it and look at your progress.

Curl up in bed and read a good book. Not something you actually have to think about like Shakespeare or science fiction, something “fluffy.” A trashy novel, their lives always end up worse than yours, anyways. I promise.

Watch movies. Lots and lots and lots of movies. Nothing romantic or sappy. And ones involving action and guns probably aren’t a good idea either. Comedies are the best; especially ones rated R because you will probably laugh really, really hard. Especially if your parents or grandparents aren’t around.

Go out with your friends. Your girlfriends. Single ones. If you have no single girlfriends, make some. And do SOMETHING. Anything.

Do something nice for someone else. Make them a surprise gift. Take them somewhere. Make them smile. You will too.

Don’t get a tattoo, whether it’s henna or not, it’s not a good idea. You’ll regret it. Piercings are probably okay though, since they aren’t permanent. (But think about what kind of guy you will attract if you get your tongue pierced…)

Don’t rebound onto some poor loser who thinks you actually love him. That’s just mean. And don’t rebound to a different ex. That’s just not smart.

Stay off Facebook. Seriously. No one wants to read statuses about how depressed you are, and you don’t want to look at pictures of happy couples you know.

Google hobbies for people of your gender in your age range. Pick one of the suggested hobbies, and do it.

Go to the driving range, even if you hate golf, and pretend that the golf ball is your ex’s face. Whack it as hard as possible. (A good alternative to this is boxing on the Wii.)

Do something with your hair. Cut it off. Dye it. Get extensions. I don’t care. But don’t keep the same hair cut you had your whole relationship.

It’s all about consequences. Don’t do anything you may regret later on.

MANHUNT. Go the mall, arcade, dances, clubs, what have you, with a SINGLE friend, and hit on every guy you see. Hot or not. Just do it.

Finally, remember that life goes on.

The author's comments:
Recently I went through a miserable break up. I decided I needed to help some girls out there going through the same thing. So I made a list, and I hope you do every single thing on it. It really helps.

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