January 6, 2012
By liyara GOLD, Sagar, Ohio
liyara GOLD, Sagar, Ohio
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cohere with your soul and things will be cool.

Long ago in the tender days like in a fairy tale ,we used to sit on the branches of the banyan tree sat underneath it on that very maddening day when you sought me from the other side .everything was rejoicing and refreshing and an epitome exactly from bestseller novels to make love. You saw me and I saw you ,something aroused some sparks lit and next day we were together.oh!how pleasant was it to have those noodles up there together, on those branches where cupid strike us_ it was wonderful indeed. Today, when I see this banyan tree again, it seems like something else . Something dead and scary putting on that grimace which is becoming a deep scar. May be because you are gone now but the tree is here. it gives me relief but brings back hurt too. This beckoning thing would never fade from deepest me. today they say they going to get it churned. I can’t let that happen . I beg them not to. this tree holds a chapter of grace of two lives. It is a souvenir to be cherished .it might have seen million lovers like us and it means a lot to me. “ Don’t do it – please” I say ,I may do it with somehow but who would ever remind my beloved who is gone and had forgotten me that once we wrote in the heart of this banyan tree our epithet. If It goes then where would I live . I am gone from your heart, this requiem will take away the memories too. “Don’t cut it _please”

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