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December 10, 2011
By EmoAngel18 PLATINUM, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
EmoAngel18 PLATINUM, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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One day I was at a horse farm with my friend Andrew, me and him were like 8yrs old and I never understood why the horse's wouldn't come near me. So me and Andrew put our hands through the fence to try and pet the horse's but they still wouldn't come near us, so I grabed the electric fence and my hair instantly stuck up. andrew quickly pulled me away then asked if I was okay.....I just sat there and laughed. I got up and ran quickly to the fence and grabed it again because it felt funny. Then the owner of the horse's ran and turned the electric fence off. She was crying because she thought I got hurt but I was still laughing. Andrew laughed at me and I started to cry because I was laughing so hard. Now because of that day everytime I'm with Andrew and we see a horse farm I always run to it and try to grab the fence.

The author's comments:
I learned why horse's don't come near the fence's and I also learned that after awhile the shock hurts.

lol it was kind of a shocking experence for me...

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