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Controling a Constant Storm of Passion

November 20, 2011
By Me22895 DIAMOND, Azle, Texas
Me22895 DIAMOND, Azle, Texas
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If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.

We walk each other to classes;
We wrap one another in a warm almost side-hug kind of grasp as we navigate crowded hallways.
We civilly discuss Bio projects and unfinished Chem homework.
We part with a quick peck on the lips and hurry off in opposite directions as the two minute bell rings.
The kisses are the worst.
They’re so disappointing. I know we both have so much more passion than that.
We could be gasping for breath, cutting the insides of our lips on your braces, feeling the warmth of our bodies pressed together.
But surrounded by peers, teaches, and VPs, we are civil.
Do only I feel the desire to make out in the hallways, even among the crowds of judgmental people?
It’s a good thing I have years of experience using self-control.

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