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I Love Him

November 10, 2011
By KJC1211 BRONZE, Kempton, Pennsylvania
KJC1211 BRONZE, Kempton, Pennsylvania
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Trust is like Paper, Once crumbled it can Never be PERFECT Again.

Did you ever love someone soo much it hurt like hell? Well I do. I love my ex-boyfriend Lucas. I can't stand to be without him or being away from him. But he keeps hurting me but i can't stay away from him. I really try to. But I love him way too much. Everything about him pulls me back to him when I try to stay away. And he keeps making promises to me that he never keeps, the worst part is that I always believe him. I'm really tired of the pain he puts me through but its like I can't control myself and my emotions. Some of my friends try and help me convince myself he's no good but others tell me its okay and that they don't believe his is trying to hurt me. But I just don't know anymore! I've tried to talk to him but he won't talk. I really do love him but the pain...is hell.

The author's comments:
Y does LOVE hurt so much! Y is PAIN always involved with LOVE?

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