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It Just Happened?

February 9, 2011
By Holliee SILVER, Belfast, Other
Holliee SILVER, Belfast, Other
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It just happened. The coward’s way out of something. You told me it ‘just happened.’ And you expect me to accept that and forgive you? No, you and Her did not ‘Just Happen’ it happened because one of you, or maybe even both of you wanted it to happen. Wanting it to happen is bad enough but you? You let it happen. Let it happen knowing it would hurt me knowing that what you were doing was wrong. You knew that but you didn’t care, didn’t care that someone was going to get hurt. So here I stand, alone with a broken and empty heart, and you with yours. But the difference is, over time I’ll get over it and you want to know why? Because I know what I deserve better, you on the other hand don’t deserve anything but Her.

The author's comments:
nothing ever just happens..

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