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December 9, 2010
By jasmineluvsyou BRONZE, Baldwin Park, California
jasmineluvsyou BRONZE, Baldwin Park, California
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Grr I don’t know what to do i am still in love with Justin<3 Don’t ask me why I am, still I love with him. But I just am. I guess it’s the fact that him and i have so much history together. He and I went through so much together. Do I just give it all up? Or do I wait for him to come back to me? When someone cheats on you and you know that they loved you but they did love you. But they never said it. They always come crawling back to you sooner or later. I am just tired of waiting for him. I want to move on but I yet I still have this feeling for him. Do I just give it all up? Or do I wait for him? What to do?

But i am starting to notice other guys now that he is gone. But i don’t want to stop loving Justin I know me and him still have something but he doesn’t want to admit it.

I am starting to like Eric, Joseph and Christian.

I really like joseph but i don’t think he like me. But when he gave me a hug it was like omg. I don’t know how to explain it but it was like I was in another world. When he gave me a hug and he didn’t want to let go. I was like wow really another guy for me to worry about. Well I have always like Joseph. Even when I was with Justin. But I never wanted to admit it to myself. So I just let it go but when he gave me I hug I guess those feeling I lost for him came back. What to do?

Eric I and he had something me and him were together. He and I got together when I just had broken up with Justin. I guess he was just my way to get over Justin. So u can call it that he was my rebound. But to me he wasn’t I really did like him but I still had all of my feeling for Justin. But then u started too really like Eric. But then I and he broke up. He told me he thought of me as his little sister and I was okay with him calling me that. What do I do? Tell him that I like him or just leave it? What to do?

Christian i really like him cause he talks so cute to e he calls me baby and princess but i dont know he is just too old for me and i will never see him. Well I guess I won’t see him because he lives in whitter. But he said he would come and see me. But I don’t want him to come I actually like the friendship we have just talking and texting on the phone. I do l like him but I also REALLY like Eric and Joseph. I still am in love with Justin. What do I do? Be with someone who I will hardly see. Or be with someone I will see every day and we can go out. What to do?

I don’t know what to do?

Do i stick with Justin even though he cheated on me and i know he still like me and everything because well i just know him but he doesn’t want to admit it? Cause he knows he messed up he told me he regretted cheating on me. But i don’t want to get back with him because he cheated on me. But yet i don’t want to give up everything me and him have.

Or do i go with Eric i know me and him could have something but i am afraid i am going to get hurt again and i don’t want to get hurt again

Joseph he is just like Justin a player. But there is something different about joseph i can feel it. But you never know if my feeling is just a temper feeling. But i don’t think it is i really like him.

Or Christian. He is the one who talks so cute to me. But when am i ever going to see him. He lives in whiter. He is really sweet and everything but i have a feeling that he would hurt me. But i do want to give him a chance like i am giving all of the other guys.

Or should i just wait a clear my mind for a while and focused on school, and maybe in the long run i will eventually know what guy i want in my life.

Why dose high schools have to be filled with so much drama? Can’t it just be like we were back in middle school when we used to think guys have cuties? But i guess this is just part of life. We all go through stage in life where there are all these guys that u like but you are afraid of getting hurt and you don’t know what to do? I guess it’s part of being a teenager.

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