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My life in this world

December 11, 2010
By maS15 GOLD, Elk Grove, California
maS15 GOLD, Elk Grove, California
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I took a deep breath, I'm happy to be living at least, I have friends that care for me. And... I had few enemies. That was a plus. But, I don't have anyone to relate too. I have a brother that goes to the same school but, he ignores me. Like some stranger that he doesn't want people to know. That he doesn't want to know... It's not my fault that I was born different than most kids. No it's not. It was something out of my control. I had a stroke. Doctors said it happened before I was born. But, I really can't say. And my other brother that's in the army, I hardly ever see him. I don't know why anyone would want to ignore me. I'm human... I'm not an alien I'm another person just living her life. I may not know why I'm here yet but, I am girl. With ordinary day problems. Who said kids in special ed don't have feeling? Well, I do! Everyone does even though, they might not show it. I still know that we are different so what? We want friends... Is that too much to ask? Sure, I was born with a stroke, I have scoliosis, my knee might get out of place sometimes, my ankle swells up, and I have Kienbok's disease but, that's my life in the world and I'm not afraid to tell that to people not even for a second. I want them to know what I am and I'm not afraid to show what I can do, no matter what... This is my life n this world...

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