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First Kiss?

November 21, 2010
By aphilly DIAMOND, St. Paul Park, Minnesota
aphilly DIAMOND, St. Paul Park, Minnesota
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Almost everyone remembers that moment where they got their first kiss. Some people remember all of the details like how old they were, who the other person was, what they were wearing, etc. To some it was a moment they loved and look back at happily but for others it wasn't a big deal.
For me, my first kiss was a huge deal. I had been dating my best friend for about a year and a half. He never pushed me to kiss him and respected my decision. I really wanted to kiss him but I was very shy and scared.
The day after Thanksgiving when I was in eighth grade Jack (my boyfriend), a few other friends and I were hanging out and having a great time. I pulled Jack aside into a backroom of the garage. We cuddled for a while and I told him that I was ready. Whenever I went to lean in I'd giggle. Eventually I just took a deep breath, closed my eyes and let it happen.
When we walked out of the room all of my friends asked if we had just kissed. I have no idea how they could tell. They squeezed us into a huge group hug. I was embarrassed and blushing.
I remember every detail of that moment. I was wearing my denim sneakers, dark skinny jeans and Michael Jackson shirt. When I ask my friends about their first they barely remember it. Why is it more important to some than others? I guess it was a big deal for me because I waited so long and it was with someone I truly cared about.

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