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Kienboks disease

October 10, 2010
By maS15 GOLD, Elk Grove, California
maS15 GOLD, Elk Grove, California
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It started on a nice day, the pain... My shriners doctors always check me... My wrist I mean... But for the past few days it has been hurting I was crying in pain one day... And I yelled everytime someone would touch it... My mom was worried for though I have left side weakness and it was my left wrist that was hurting. I can't cry in front of my friends... That'll cause them too much trouble... Causing them to worry to worry about me more than themselves... I don't want that... "I'll just hide my tears until the doctors figure out what's wrong" I would say to myself. No one needs to know that I'm in pain No one... But on August 30th, 2010 I never thought that I would be diagnosed of something... Something called Kienboks disease... One of my wrist bones was being crushed by my other bones! I sighed after finding out I had a stroke... having scoliosis and other things I can't figure out why but, this experience had made me realize that I can't let it break me down... I have to let this play itself out. And I can never give in Ever! I'll listen to my friends because they always listen to me... I can never forget that And no matter how much pain I have I will always smile it away

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I never realized it was something serious until I looked at my xrays

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