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The Reason Behind it All

September 13, 2010
By Tay06 BRONZE, Bluffton, Indiana
Tay06 BRONZE, Bluffton, Indiana
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"Don't be afraid to give up the good for the great."

As I gazed out upon the lush, green vegetation that lie throughout the mountainous land of the Dominican Republic, my heart felt high, and my thoughts became abundantly clear. The scent of the land filled my lungs, the perfume of knowledge deeply engraved in my heart.

As the waterfall splashed in the background, my fears dropped into the crystal water, every spatter of moisture disappearing into a much larger universe. Not only had I just experienced one of the most electrifying moments in my life, the risk I took carried me to a beautiful acceptance, long coming, meticulously planned from the beginning.

While I was sitting on a drenched rock, fear washed through me, and my heart pounded like a drum. The deafening waterfall entrapped my fears like a dungeon with no key. No matter what I chose I would have to live with the consequences forever, and the only way to escape was to take the plunge and to trust that I was going to be okay. With my stomach tossing, showing its vengeance, I closed my eyes, plugged my nose, and dropped into an unknown world of excitement—mist sprinkling my face as I flew through the air. Adrenaline pumped through my veins and my legs met cool heaven as water surrounded me. As I plunged into the water, a sensation overcame me, clear and undeniable. I was captured not only by the waters fury, but also by the strength of the world, my entire soul engulfed in a perpetual forever. At that moment, so rare and extraordinary, the flushing water seemed to slow, its wrath stopping, as if it intentionally encouraged my moment. Somehow those few seconds stole my heart; the idea of such clarity changed me forever.

Emerging from the water, my moment abruptly ended, and water quickly filled my lungs, desperate and unforgiving. Reluctant to release the moment, to relinquish the feeling, I took the guides hand and allowed him to lead me out of the cave, the waterfall only a distant memory in the background.

Freed from the fear, the antagonizing pain that constantly surrounded me, my heart flew from the entrapped prison of my stomach into the uplifting grace that was my mind. My accomplishment, never to be paralleled anytime in history, consumed my mind, body, and soul. A vast sea of pride washed over me, its waters bright and refreshing; I had never been so proud of myself.

As I looked around the tropical forest, I saw an entire world of wonder filled with majesty. The beautiful vision that surrounded me tugged at my soul as streams of water flowed freely, nudging at the soft rock as if to share a secret. Rolling hills of stunning craft stole the picture, the vision forever engraved in my head. The sun reflected in the streams, its rays beamed into my body and soul.

And this is how I came, face to face, with the most important lesson in my life.

That experience, that blinding moment when everything appears undeniably clear, had arrived—not courted or enticed—yet welcomed and embraced. As I stood glancing around the mountain, listening to the whisper of the waterfall in the background, feeling the love in my heart, embracing the passion in my veins, my life began to unfold.

I felt His breath send a shiver down my spine, cool and refreshing. His hand lay on my shoulder, quietly guiding and empowering me. Any doubts I once had were laid to rest because at that distinguishable moment in my life, I knew God existed. I had experienced life, but I had never realized who made it worth living. I felt His existence—this I was positive about. The world, the beautiful scenery that surrounded me, the quiet hush of the water, the feeling that rushed through my veins—simply could not exist without Him. The feeling of someone guiding me, quietly pushing me toward my dreams, was God after all.

The author's comments:
Dedication: to a very special friend who has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams, and—ironically—brought me closer to God.

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meyer11 said...
on Sep. 16 2010 at 7:35 pm
Taylor, thats beautiful writing, i am so proud of you for pursuing your dream of writing, i pray for all your dreams to come true you really are amazing and your writing really trulely shows that. i love you tay :)