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The Unexpected!

September 8, 2010
By Liz Howard BRONZE, St.Cloud, Florida
Liz Howard BRONZE, St.Cloud, Florida
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Comming here to Job corps six months ago, I did not expect to find the things I did. I did not expect to feel like I fit in, I did not expect to do well on center, I have never in my life had a friend, so I didn't expect to find one here. There were so many things that happened here on center that I never expected. Most of all I never expected to find my hearts's desires...
The week I first came to job corps I was withdrawn, and filled with a lot of pent up fears, because of these fears I kept mostly to my self. My biggest fear was of a man's hands. I once had some bad experinces with men and now I had no more trust for them. After a week of being here I was amazed at how quickly I was making new friends. Two weeks on center I went out with a guy who broke up with me that same night, but that whole night before then my fears of men came out, every time he tried to hold my hand I would jerk away, the whole night as he kept acting out, I got more and more afraid of this man standing in front of me. Of course he could make nothing of my fear, and I could tell that he was probably starting to feel hurt, but I couldn't explain my fear because I don't like telling people things before I know them better. My fears all changed the day that I met my bestfriend, the brother of my life, Richard Nigh, he plays with me, he is very protective of me. He became the first man that I ever trusted. He showed me that men had good sides to them, and that not all men are jerks. He starting calling me his sister and this meant so much to me, I began spending most of my time with him, this man has truely changed my life, no longer was I afraid of men, now to this day, I'm always hanging out with somebody, always giving one of my friends a hug, and there is never a day that I am not greatful for what Richard has done for me and he barely even realizes what he has done for me.

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This is a story about I met a friend who has truely turned my life around.

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on Sep. 14 2010 at 9:31 am
VampireDiary GOLD, Greenville, Kentucky
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