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Longdistance Love at 14

August 11, 2010
By TaRyN24 SILVER, West Palm, Florida
TaRyN24 SILVER, West Palm, Florida
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Love starts with a smile. Grows deeper with a kiss. And ends with tears.

It started off as just a vacation. Goin somewhere else and hanging with my friend. But then I met you and my whole trip took a turn. I saw you. I met you. I liked you. I got to know you. I kissed you. I fell in love with you. Then I had to leave you. We kept the relationship going for awhile but we're only 14 so how could it work. From 1800 miles away. It can't. We sent a few letters. You sent me a necklace. But now I cant wear it. You said it wasn't working...and I guess you're right. I can't wear your gift now though...It hurts to much. You called me baby and said you were in love with me. You made me smile every single day since the day i met you. But now things have changed. For the better or the worse I cannot answer because I don't even know. But right now I am hurting and I've cried it's true. But only because it's hard to live without you. I miss you babe, and i admit i still love you. I think I always will. You were also my first kiss. My first love. And I will never forget you. I miss you I love you I want you I need you but i know i can't have you from this distance. But I have learned one valuble lesson. Falling in love at 14 is hard. But its worse when it's a longdistance love.

The author's comments:
This is a completely true story. It happend within the past month. My chest is achey and my eyes still burn and i have no one to talk to. Please post your thoughts about this piece

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