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LOVE: Language of Varied Emotions

August 23, 2010
By MiszA3nKuti3 BRONZE, Mobile, Alabama
MiszA3nKuti3 BRONZE, Mobile, Alabama
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True love is not the fairytale magic that is seen in movies, but the decision of true happiness; love conquers all, this I believe.

When it comes to the phrase, “true love”, it would seem that most people would tend to think that it is only meant for lovers. However, I believe that this is not true. I have looked in the dictionary, and I found 25 explanations of love. In my opinion, love only has one meaning; the strongest dedication and affection towards anything in life. This is a general statement, because I realized that each person has their own perspectives. In addition, the feeling and action of love is executed differently depending on the situation. There are not necessarily types of love, but types of love relationships. What is meant by this statement is that there is love within a family, love between two people, love among friends, and even a love for an inanimate object or idea.

When I am in a relationship, I would ask myself how I would know if I was truly in love. If I were to turn to a romantic movie for the answer, I would be persuaded that there is a feeling of lightning that strikes me to signify true love. In reality, that is not the case. From past experiences, true love is not about having the perfect or even the most romantic relationship; but simply having the dedication, affection, commitment, and true happiness with the significant other. Each person in this universe has a different take on what is true happiness because of unique expectations.

In the past, I have also chosen to be independent. However, as I would hate to admit it, there are certain things in life where I require assistance. In that case, I would rely on my close friends to be there for me. Sometimes it may lead to disappointment, but I learn to cope with what is given to me. Love between friends may be even more beautiful than the love between two significant others. The love in friendship consists of even more commitment and dedication. Sadly, sometimes friendships are broken to make the love between two significant others even stronger. These bonds that break, are examples of sacrifices that people make to see if their relationship will work out. Through my eyes, these bonds of friendship are more important, because they may last a lifetime so they should not be taken for granted.

Love is the most beautiful thing in this world; it is the closest thing we have to magic. Therefore, if one does not know how to handle love, then it is worthless. However, if one does know how to manage love, then there is not one thing that love cannot conquer.

The author's comments:
My tenth grade English teacher told us to write about something that inspires us, something that we have many thoughts about. The first thing that came to mind, was how "love" was being mis-used and confused with lust. This is my perspective of what love is. I hope people will some day understand that love should not be taken for granted.

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