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The Little Gift

July 10, 2010
By ashbadash BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
ashbadash BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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Friends are like glue, they always stick by your side.

I can't believe it. My life will never be the same ever again. These are the thoughts that passed through my head as I held my newborn baby brother. The tiny little toes and fingers were unbelieveable. How can anything be that small? I thought. His little yawn and everything about him made me cry tears of joy. When my mom and dad first told me and my two sisters I didn't know how to react. I was exstatic. He was born at 3:58am on Feburary 5th, 2010 and I was waiting on him for what seemed like a century. I got to the hospital (after directing my newly-moved-to-Florida aunt and uncle there in the front seat) at around 10pm and we had to wait. More waiting I thought. Why couldn't he just have come already? But all these thoughts went away as I heard the lullaby jingle play (it played everytime a baby was born) and my dad came out to tell me, he's here. Now he's a little over 5 months old now and I can't believe his growth. First it was when he learned to roll over onto his tummy by himself. Then it was his first smile. Next it was when he learned his name and looked at us when we called him. Now he's trying to sit up and crawl and I can't wait for him to be moving. I love my little brother so much and now I can't imagine my life without him. He was my gift from God, my whole family's. He was exactly what I needed.

The author's comments:
I went to check on my little brother in bed as he napped in his crib and I saw the same perfect old smile as when he was born and it inspired me to write this.

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Coop123 BRONZE said...
on Aug. 4 2010 at 10:22 pm
Coop123 BRONZE, Mt. Airy, Maryland
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Deja vu'! This is the part where I tell you to SHUT UP!!!

I really enjoyed it I felt the same way wen my baby si swas born

on Aug. 3 2010 at 9:58 pm
ashbadash BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
4 articles 1 photo 45 comments

Favorite Quote:
Friends are like glue, they always stick by your side.

Thank you soooo much DifferentTeen!!!! What is your work called? I'd luv to read it!!! You should take a look at my other articles "Letters To Juliet" (under movie reviews) and "Who Is Justin Beiber" under (celebrity opinion). Thanks bunches!!!!

on Jul. 26 2010 at 6:44 pm
DifferentTeen PLATINUM, Seaford, Delaware
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"There’s no such thing as true love, just spurts of insanity—falling over and over again, thinking that won’t happen to me"

wow this made me want to cry tears of joy, beautifully written. Well done!

 When my work is approved and sent through, I hope you get a chance to look at it.