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How I feel about you

June 20, 2010
By bookworm266 GOLD, Urbana, Indiana
bookworm266 GOLD, Urbana, Indiana
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You make me smile when your when around
You bring me up when I’m down
You help me through the worst of times
You’re a great friend of mine

Yet when I look into your eyes
I feel a little bit surprised
About how I feel about you
A love so deep and strong

It runs down to my bones
Fills me up inside
Yet you love another
Why am I not surprised?

This always happens to me
Why can’t you see
The girl who really loves you
Stands by your side

You tell me all your biggest fears
Your hopes and wishes to
I know more about you
Than that girl

She clings to your arm
You say she suffocates you at times
Yet you say you love her to
I watch from the sidelines

I watch you, friend of mine
She’s been cheating on you
With herself, that is true
She loves herself more than you

But I love you
Not for your looks or your smile
That makes me as high as a mile
But for your personality

For you kindness, don’t you see
I love you more than she
Could ever love you
But I’ll let you live your life

Who am I to intervene
I’ll let you think
That she loves you
Why? Because I am you friend

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