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He's an Human, I'm an Elf

June 20, 2010
By bookworm266 GOLD, Urbana, Indiana
bookworm266 GOLD, Urbana, Indiana
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He’s a human,
I’m an elf
We’re not meant to be
I find myself in love
He’s a barb.
I’m a ranger
He swings his sword with power
While I shoot my bow with skill
Never meant to be together
Not even on the battlefield
I shoot from high above
He fights down below
If I hadn’t fallen,
We would have never met,
Oh so long ago
He saved me from the Kobolds
Before they killed me
While he fought them,
He motioned for me to flee
I never got a chance
To thank that mighty warrior
After the battle had been won
I was sure his time had come
Yet I found him being healed
By a cleric named Ohmybloody
He was bloody and messed up
And had lost much of his wealth,
Yet still he laughed and smiled
As the barbs. gathered round the fire
I stood tentative and shy
My clans camp was not nearby
I must have caught his eye,
‘cause he looked at me and smiled
When he did that,
I decided to flee
I ran through the forest
Jumping over brooks and dead trees
Till I was at my cliff,
My spot where I could be at peace
I sat on the ground
With my bow beside my knee
I never even knew it,
That he had followed me
I heard him laugh,
And I spun around
In case he was an enemy
I only saw that barb.
Standing in the shade of a tree
He took a step forward,
Ready to talk to me,
Yet I turned my back on him,
And dove into the sea
With my magic ring
I could my breath indefinitely
Yet he didn’t know that
I was as safe as
I could ever be
As he wait for me to surface
As a minute passed on by,
He dove into the sea,
Intent on saving me
He couldn’t breath underwater
For he had no ring
Yet he was risking his life,
To save an elf,
That was me
When he saw I was okay,
He swam to the shore
That dive ruined his sword
I gave him one of mine,
Part of my loot from the raid
We began to start talking,
Over a pint of Comalaid
He was as funny as a clown,
And made me smile when I was down
Yet he had a girl back home,
A wizard, who was a beauty
A wizard, who was a prize,
Oh so rare
Yet I fell in love with him,
And then I became his friend
We went through ups
And downs
We jumped on the roofs
All over the town
I love that barb.
Yet he has no feelings
For me
I love that barb.
And I to be more
Yet his girl at home,
Made sure I got no more
I never even met her
Never even seen that wizard
The one between
Me and my love
I know they’ll stay together
They’ll get married,
While I stand by,
Keeping my love,
Inside of me,
And watching his life go by

The author's comments:
This is real, even though it has elves and stuff in it, this happened to me while i played an online game.

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