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April 14, 2010
By Stephie GOLD, Joliet, Illinois
Stephie GOLD, Joliet, Illinois
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My life was pretty normal. I was living with my mom and my dad and my little sister. I went to a great elemetary school and had a lot of friends. Every one in my family loved each other but the love, and the peace, would not last for long.
My dad's love for me was strong and genuine, as well as his love for my little sister. His love however ,slowly but surely, was fading towards my mom. They began to have more arguments as the days went by. Even the police would come over from time to time to break up the arguments. Soon enough my dad filed for divorce, I thought I would never get over the heartbreak.
The both went to court and filed for custody. My dad was the one who got to keep us. A year later, or maybe a couple of months later, my mom filed for custody and won. She was also able to gain child support.
I felt terrible about the whole thing. The heartbreak was more than I could bear. I tought I would never heal. Throughout the years, up to now, I started to look at the bright side. I now have two homes to live in,two bedrooms, and sometimes double the fun. Although moving back and forth can sometimes be a hassle I hae learned to handle situations better over time. Yes, from time to time things happen and I feel hurt and angry but my heart is healed. I will be ok and I am continuing to move on with happiness.

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