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(Finally) Taking the Initiative

April 17, 2010
By carolinestarr PLATINUM, Ellicott City, Maryland
carolinestarr PLATINUM, Ellicott City, Maryland
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"It's not about who we are, but who we choose to be."

Yesterday, I went to the gym with my sister and my best friend. For most of the time, we were using the stationary bikes, but then we wanted to use stair steppers. I saw that there were three of them, one for each of us, and I thought 'Perfect!'. The only thing that wasn't perfect, however, was that they were all being used. Thinking that I would be able to muster up the courage to ask the if we could have a turn, we all got up and walked over there.
However, when I got there I realized how nervous I was just to say, "If you wouldn't mind, may we have a turn on the machine?'. So, instead of asking them, we just stood there looking like idiots.
Finally, one of the people got off their machine. My sister and I let our friend use it because she isn't a member. When she got on, I still hadn't mustered up the courage to ask for a turn on the machines, and neither had my sister.
We were bored just standing there, so we kept debating about who should ask for a turn. My sister and friend made me do it. Slowly, I walked up to one of the people (who I assumed was with her friend or sister) and, very timidly, asked.
"If you don't mind, can I use the machine in a little bit?". I spoke slowly, I didn't want to sound demanding. I didn't want to sound like I was forcing her off the machine. Surprisingly (at least to me), she took out her earbuds, nodded(with a smile on her face), and went to another machine. She took her friend with her.
As I stepped onto the machine, I realized that asking for the machine was not difficult at all. I felt stupid just standing there, but I had been ignoring the very easy solution. and then a saying popped into my head: "You can't just wait for things to happen, you have to take initiative and do them yourself.".

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