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Seemingly Forgotten

February 25, 2010
By katielynn21 DIAMOND, Sierra Vista, Arizona
katielynn21 DIAMOND, Sierra Vista, Arizona
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Have you ever tried to push two opposing sides of two magnets together? No matter how hard you push and no matter how hard you try, they just wont go together. Well, that's what it was like for Kenneth and me. We were just like those magnets, trying so had to force ourselves together and only to get repelled apat. It wasn't always like that though, there was a time when we were like the other side of the magnets, always connecting together. But one day, it just stopped working. One day, the magnets flipped and things were never the same again. We tried to make things work, oh God knows we tried. Sometimes we tried so hard we just hurt eachother even more. And now we are here; both of us desperately trying to move on. Walking past eachother as if we were strangers, not saying a word. Our relationship and feelings for eachother seemingly forgotten. The only reminder of the time when our souls were intertwined is the love that's in my heart. The part of my heart where my love for him will rein for all eternity.

The author's comments:
"Once you fall in love with someone, no matter what happends a part of you will always love them. And no matter how hard you try not to, you always love them."
-Katie (me)

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