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meating him

February 25, 2010
By abbey92 GOLD, Fremont, Nebraska
abbey92 GOLD, Fremont, Nebraska
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Meeting Him

Courtney happens to be just one of my best friends at that time, after a minor fight with Megan, I was hanging out at her place and she was online. All she seemed to be doing was talking to this boy, well several actually, but Justin, of all the boys she was talking to, stood out. He was older and he had a car, the two things that she seemed to like in a guy. But as it seemed she was to afraid too go on a date all by herself. So she turned to me and begged me to go along.

Not wanting to say no but also not wanting to be the 3rd wheel I said that she had to ask this Justin kid to bring a friend. Courtney was really happy with me, but I was thinking 'oh my god this is going to be so horrible'. Having to accompany Courtney was not the best thing ever. But I let her drag me to the mall, or should I say let her mom drive us to the mall, because at the time she was fifteen, and I sixteen was car-less.

We got there about two hours before the boys were due there. So we did what girls naturally do. We shopped. As it was coming around to 8, the time we were all supposed to meet I ran into my step sister. Wondering why she was here I soon found out that my mom and step dad just so happened to be here to. So thinking oh shit Courtney and I went to the other end where they defently could not see us. But as we were hiding from them we ran into my brother Earik and his girlfriend.

Honestly how can this be, I thought. What is this some kind of f***ing family reunion? After talking to them briefly, as in 'hi and bye' we went out side so I could smoke. The taste of nicotine always made me feel better, and this time was no difference. As I finished my 2nd cigaret Courtney received a text from Justin saying Will and I are on our way now. I guessed that Will was the kid that got drug along with Justin, just as I got drug along with Courtney.

Waiting for those two boys was no big deal to me but Courtney was freaking out. Being the best friend that I was, I just laughed at her. What else could have done? As the clock was ticking away she realized that they were running late. Just as we were about to get up they were here. Well they were on the other side. That was just great, somehow we were supposed to the other side of the mall without being seen. As I was on crunches that was not a easy task, let me tell you that. But somehow we made it.

Waiting now, on the other side of the mall, Courtney decided that she had to go to the bathroom. I just decided that I was going to stay sitting on the wall by the plants. As soon as Courtney came out the boys showed up. It seemed like they planed it, the boys must have been watching us. But that just sounded crazy so I put it past.

Justin looked like his picture tall and stocky, not fat but buff. And Will, well Will was tall. Built, brown hair with green eye's that looked a little hazel. He was so yummy looking. How could I not want to come along with Courtney? I was glad I did at that moment. Introductions were a little strange, but then again I never went on a blind date so they could have been normal. They asked us if we wanted to drive around the city, we looked at each other and said yes probably a little to loud, but there was no way we were going to run into any of my family with the boys.

As we took the side doors out Courtney and I did in fact see my step dad, but thank god he didn't see us. When we got outside, Will and Justin said they would go get the car and bring it to us, what gentlemen they were. So as they were gone we talked about them. How I thought Will was cute and that I really liked his hair, and she went on about how Justin seemed perfect. To say that it was love at first sight would not be right, like at first sight was a definitely it though.

Getting into the car was tricky, it was a two door car, a street racing car. Since it happened to be Justin's car, Will and I sat in the back as Courtney and Justin was in front. Starting conversion was a little hard but once we did it was fun. Some how Will and I got into a fight, not a mean fight but the playful kind were I hit him and he hits me. Actually I think it was because he said that I couldn't hit hard. As it ended up he captured me and held me over him with my arms behind me, I struggled little bit but I really didn't mind it. I was close to him it felt nice. I new that I wanted to be in his arms forever, but he let me go. And we returned back to normal.

I wanted to kiss him more then ever, but I didn't know how he felt about me. Did he just pretend that he liked me a little bit so that it wasn't going to be weird in the car. Finally after about a couple minutes of inching close to him I rested my head on his shoulder. I think I shocked him, because he jumped a little bit. Courtney saw us and she wanted to compare hands, so I was like okay. As it turned out I had bigger hands then she did and we all compared hand sizes and Will and I compered sizes, his hands were bigger then mine but we didn't let go either. We all sat and listened to music in silence.

As our curfew came around we decided to head back to Fremont. We parked in this parkig lot, that probly has beed parked in before over the years. And Courtney ad Justin start to kiss, and Will and I talked a little. We were getting closer and I was looking at him with eyes that said 'kiss me you fool'. He ask if he could kiss me and I said yes.

Here I was kissing this boy who I only met a hour earler, and wanting to do more. As we were kissing I knew there was something about this kid that I liked. It didn't bother me that his hand went up my shirt as we kisses, because my had was going under his. We were so involved with each other that we didn't even realize that Justin even started the car. I'm not sure how long we were kissing and fooling around but in no time we were back at Courtney's house, one hour before we had to be there. Because us being safe and thinking that we weren't going to have fun and because we were scared we said that time. A time that I wish was not now.

As we said our goodbys I remember that Will is moving in 3 days, and he asks me if we will hang out before he leaves. Not knowing the answer I said maybe. We kissed one last time and said goodby. When we got back inside Courtney and I talked about it and everything. She asked what I all did and I just said kiss him because that all that Justin and she did. She started to text Justin in a little bit and I found out that Will likes me. And soon I was texting him. Late into the night I feel asleep on him.

Meeting him was amazing.

The author's comments:
i though up this one night after having a fight with my boyfriend... witch this short story is written about.

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