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A Love Recovered

February 22, 2010
By EmoAnon GOLD, Westport, Indiana
EmoAnon GOLD, Westport, Indiana
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Something I never thought that would happen with me again is to love the person who hurt me the worst. Nearly seven months ago I was cheated on, by the boy I thought I loved and the girl I thought was my best friend. As I went along, the girl and I had gained trust again with one another, the boy moved away and I tried but failed to move on and forget. Nightmares had happened, from stress and thoughts about the past so I sent him a small message thinking that it wouldn't matter and he would ignore anything from me. He had forgotten my number, and had been trying to get someone who knew how to get a hold of me and how he could talk to me and explain his apology. So as the story goes, we started calling one another talking late nights, and texting throughout the day. Before I knew what was happening, I fell back into the feelings I once had for him but the feelings I have now are guarded with fear. Until I can see him again I will not trust him completely, but I can feel my heart falling deeper and deeper for him once again.

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