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Ensemble Morning

February 20, 2010
By scribblesinthecity BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
scribblesinthecity BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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'Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.' -- George Santayana

L walks into her yellow-lit school building, immediately turns the corner and approaches the now crowded section in front of the chorus room, where the results hang on a beige tile wall. She greets her acquaintance Harmony whose already found her name on the list of main parts, and they both scan the list for L's name. L searches calmy; even somewhat arrogantly saying
L:alrigt so wheres my name?
HARMONY: where is your name? hunh, that can't be possible.
L's eyes search and search for her name that isn't there, as if looking for the sun in the dark at night time. Slowly it sinks in that she didn't get a main part; and that apparently she just wasn't good enough. The tears well up slightly but never fall from her eyes, as she says
L: ahhh well, whatever.
she shrugs, as she pushes her way through the crowd and is immediately joined by her friend Emma; who got Rizzo, the part L wanted. Emma wanted Sandy, but 'who said life makes sense?' , L thinks to herself. L gives a weak fake smile that obviously gives her away.
EMMA: oh no! Lauren i'm so sorry
L: Yeah well life goes on. i guess i'm just a little surprised, you know? I shouldn't have been so optimistic.
EMMA: Yeah but you know that doesn't even make sense; you totally deserved a main part! But ensemble will still be fun though..?
L: I know but its just, its the last show of the year, and I've never gotten a lead.
By now Emma and L have reached the end of the hall to their homeroom class and aren't the first to have checked their results. Half of the class is oblivious to the melodramatic atmosphere because they aren't in Dance, Chorus or Drama (the 3 talent groups who are involved in the Grease! show). But for those of them who are; its like a cloud of mood swings hangs over each of them. Some are sad, some are happy, some are commi-si commi-sa (so/so in french)
L walks non-chalantly to her locker like its any other morning. she keeps a poker-face that gives away no clues of her self-esteem that's crumbling inside. the only thing that keeps her up is the fact that she knows it will put itself back together again eventually. L greets her other friend Ashley who smartly hadn't had her hopes up, but still got a main part.
ASHLY: hey what did you get?
L: Nothing
ASHLEY: Oh just one of the Pink Ladies? yeah so did I.
L: No, not even that. Ensemble.
ASHLY: What, are you serious? oh that's ridiculous. i cant believe it, your audition was so good!
L: thank you. what (classes) do we have? (she tends to forget)
Homeroom goes on as it normally would. L packs her bag for the days classes, congradulates her friends who got the parts they wanted, answers peoples questions about her part with the same answer every time, and sympathizes with the people who really wanted a main part and didn't get one. Many of those people cried, and their bffs (who of course did get main parts) would accompany them to the bathroom. they'd come back to English (their first class of the day) with wide red eyes and quivering lips. L's face just stayed stone cold that morning, with the only sign of resistance maybe being a slight frown here and there. It helped that she could let the tears flow a bit with out actually crying; because the cold she had made her eyes tear up. But none the less, it was definitely the most boring and depressing homeroom and first period that class 804 had ever seen. it was even worse than when they got there report cards earlier that year.

The author's comments:
I wrote this during my 8th grade year. the JHS i went to was an arts focused school-and as you might guess a lot of us took our talent pretty seriously (mine was drama). this is simply a 3rd person narrative i thought up as the actual dialogue and events i wrote about went on. the mood was pretty melancholy that day, but as i always say, life goes on...

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