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Growing Up

January 27, 2010
By Anelamailani GOLD, Vancouver, Washington
Anelamailani GOLD, Vancouver, Washington
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A true friend is a promise you keep forever.

Growing up has shown me that nothing stays the same. Like when you're a little kid and you have those toys that are really special to you. When your parents say its time to give away your toys you argue and scream and cry. Then eventually you get older and forget all about those toys because you meet new friends. Thenstill growing up you get more new friends and if you have true friends they stay with you while you grow up. Those who are just actors dont stay in your life forever. When you start to relize who matters and who never did it will be too late because you lose friends, objects and sometimes family who are special to you.

When i was little i lost my mom and i relized that she was more then just a person in my life. She was my best friend. Of course i dont remember so much since i was so little but i dont kno that she is my mom and i love her.

I thought that oh my mom is the only special person that im ever gonna lose. Then came my elementary graduation. I knew i was gonna lose another person who was special to me because of switching schools. Thinking about all this i relized i dont wanna grow up. If i cant grow up while my life stays the same then i dont wanna grow up. I dont want my life to change anymore because i dont wanna lose any more people, objects anything. I wanna keep everything in my life because it's all special to me.

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