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The Future Family Mess

January 14, 2010
By OlenkaOMg GOLD, Mooresville, North Carolina
OlenkaOMg GOLD, Mooresville, North Carolina
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I have two brothers. Both are younger. They both love video games. Actually, they are addicted to them. The worst one is my first brother, Alexander.
He is the worst, not because he plays the most. That is actually Oliver, my youngest brother. I swear he plays like at least five hours a day. He plays on all the day systems in the house everyday, from his Nintendo, to the PS3, PS2 and the Wii. He loves to play Mario, Club Peguin; really a lot of E games, which is ok I guess. He might get lazy eyes soon, but that is not the big problem.
Alexander plays maybe three hours of video games a day, after homework and if my dad is at work. But he plays Call of Duty, Halo and other M games like that. M stands for mature, in other words, for people that are adults. Alexander is eleven. He has been recently acting strange, causeing more fights with his brother, being very disrespectful, especially to me. He will try and put me down and treat me like the younger sibling. It drives me insane. It gives me stress sometimes, which does not help me. All I know is that he is going to end up wrong if he doesn’t change. And the only way he will change is if he quits the games.

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