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Essay Contest: The Good People Do

October 3, 2022
By NoahL GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
NoahL GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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When I was younger I was in the Boy Scouts. We would do acts of giving back to the community like walking along the roads and picking up trash cleaning a 5-mile strip of road. We would go house to house to house in the summer selling a variety of popcorn for donations to charities, and in the fall we would go to those same houses and sell wreaths and decorations for the same goal.

 But my favorite would have to be the food drives. Every year my best friend and I would partner up and be assigned neighborhoods we would need to visit. As a team, we would go door to door as if we were autonomous robots spewing our sales pitch, not changing a word between homes. First, we would introduce ourselves and exchange pleasantries then explain our reason for the visit. We would ask them if it was possible they could donate any food to the homeless. If they could give us anything we would take it but if we came at an unlucky time we would leave a bag with information on the food drive tied to their front door. On this note it detailed that in one week we would be back to collect any donations like canned food, boxed food, and nonperishable items. We would also take hygienic items like deodorant, toothpaste, and toilet paper, stuff like that.

 After collecting what seemed to be a mountain of grocery bags filled with donations we would take the goods back to a storage warehouse and sort everything into its own category making it easier for the food pantry workers to count and document the donations and easily distribute them to the right people. 

Now looking back it's unfathomable how successful we were, every year we held the food drive we would raise thousands of dollars in necessities. It truly makes me happy when I think of how many people were ready to do good in this world of ours.

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This is a submission for the Teens Making a Difference essay contest.

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