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The power of emotions

October 24, 2021
By MahikaPandit BRONZE, Cupertino, California
MahikaPandit BRONZE, Cupertino, California
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She rushes to the backyard, pulls off the tarp covering an easel and immediately gets to work. Immersed in her emotions, her hands pick up the brush and without thought dip it into the palette, splashing color all around the canvas. Blues, reds, purples, and black swirl together creating a milky dark pool of color. In the depths lies a small willow, bent over with sadness, pain, and helplessness. Dark, moody, and heavy the canvas carries her emotions and thoughts. Suddenly she is calm, as the canvas has released her of her negative emotions. It is almost as if the dark clouds have shifted letting a ray of light in. 


Now, she adds yellows, oranges, and greens painting a tree standing straight - happy, calm, airy, and thoughtful. The brush and color, the tools to a passageway that unravels emotions and transfers them out of you and onto paper.

The author's comments:

In the writing below I experimented with tone. I used words like murky and dark or light and airy to give a sense of what the character is feeling and their thoughts. The character is dealing with negative emotions and painting is the way she expresses and releases them. My favorite part of the set piece is how I describe the girl's emotions.

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