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sacramento,my home

December 19, 2019
By sarenanelson BRONZE, Sacramento, California
sarenanelson BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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 My meadowview is full of scents of flowers and nature. I live on the corner of 21st and middle school called rosa parks in a duplex. All I have to do is look out my windows to see little kids happily playing outside of the the morning I wake up to the lovely sounds of birds chirping,kids laughing and dog barking. At night I walked down the safe quiet roads to the library where everyone is welcomed.maybe today i'll go there since it's been days since i have been to listen to the quietness and the sight of everyone reading. 

         But as wonderful as that sounds I kind of lied. I  actually do live off the corner of 21st but what I see is not little kids dont playing i see kids throwing trash on the ground and breaking everything they see or touch. In the hood of meadowview there are gangs,crip against bloods meadowview against oak park where at the end no one survives. Its kindof scary in a way the thought making it or just dieing from something as stupid as gang vilonce.

                  But I kinda used to it sense i lived there my whole life but i just dont think its good for the environment. But there really needs to be a change cuz from all this littering to violence no one deserves to live like that. So if you live this life that I live , then you will understand why i lied to. But could you blame me noone wants to visit a cemetery.


But besides all I said about meadaview it really is a good place to live but I beg you don't do anything you'll regret later.

The author's comments:

i feel like noone derserves to live in a neighborhood where they have to think they could die very quickly over nothing.

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