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The Weight of Worlds

October 9, 2019
By TD BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
TD BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
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Overwhelmed by the excruciating pain of others, flashes of red flickered in his mind, like an alarm, warning him of what’s to come. Suddenly, worlds falling faster than they ever seemed to move before; only moments till a crushing death.

10:59 P.M, New life comes into the room, excitement and joy come with it, as the family huddled around to meet the newborn baby. The firstborn son of the proud parents, who was short, cute, perfect amount of baby fat, with a constant twinkle in his eye,  straps the weight of the world on his shoulders. Only now grasping the fact of the hardships he would face to protect someone he loves so dearly. Following the crowd, squeezing his way through shifting weight from left to right. Upon arrival to the front, he can’t help but stares dumbfoundedly at the new infant he would call his sister. As 11:01 PM rolls around, the world’s weight shifts; starting the long crushing path it will take.

 Fast forward 12 years later, protecting his sister, who is still a baby to him, waking up every day to the same routine, get dressed, pick up the hefty and painful load others would carry if he didn’t, eat breakfast and carry on. As the years passed, personality developed, leading him to want to defend all others at any cost. Now 6’3”, slim and semi muscular, hair dark brown tresses curling in perfect disorder on top, only the sides shaved down to the scalp stayed the same. Smile from ear to ear no matter the situation, or the grueling pain. Slowly the weight that started shifting when he was young began to beat down, yet he endured not showing anyone the strain. Walking through life, picking up people’s problems as he tried comforting them he added more weight to his load. Mind determined to help others, heart pleading to be heard yet no sound came from his mouth. Only thoughts of how much till he could bear no more.

 On what seemed like a regular day, after completing my morning routine he just sat in his room. Silence from the television, rustling from the college football posters on all four walls. The load others pass to me seemed unusually light for once and yet he could not help but feel stuck in one place. Sounds of laughter from the front yard filled my ears. Alongside the chatter of my parents a few rooms down, the radio announcer giving daily updates. All these noises seemed tranquil and quiet almost relaxing. Almost instantly lungs as if they were constricting themselves, throat pleading for air, eyes forming tears, and mind screaming back the problems that had been pushed aside for so long. Silence rings in his ears although he sobs to himself over his own emotional load. When it stops he feels nothing, emptiness, almost hollow. 

A saving grace rescued him from this detached life. Something more powerful than any one thing alone. Friendship- the state of mutual trust and support between allies- pulled me out of the darkness when I didn’t feel comfortable talking to my parents, teachers, or family. Friendship allowed me to open up to someone, and to those unnamed people, I am thankful. Every now and then we all need a friend to lean on and talk to. Our walls are only so tall, only so thick, nobody should have to carry worlds alone. The work can be excruciating and back-breaking if it builds up to high. Silencing our voices can lead to agony. Speak to someone you trust and love this doesn’t show weakness, only strength.

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