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Leaving Home

September 27, 2019
By briannamoreno SILVER, Sacramento, California
briannamoreno SILVER, Sacramento, California
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"Go until you lose¨ - Albert einstein.

     “If you don't come back right now, I will call the police Brianna” -my mother said.

    A year ago my mother got robbed outside of her work, this kind of had a big impact on her and she became very paranoid after. That night she came home crying and scared. She talked about how scary it was for her since we were all alone in Mexico. After that I think all my mother  could think about was who we would be left with if anything were to ever happen to her.”I don't want for you guys to worry every time im late from work, and have no one else to contact me through other than myself”- my mother said sadly.

    A couple of days went by and my mother and grandmother talked on the phone. My mother told me they talked about moving back to Sacramento and starting over, once again.”Brianna, your grandma and I were talking earlier about moving back to sac with her and your grandfather.”- my mother said firmly. 

        At first, I thought she was playing so I replied,”That would be good right?.”Once I saw her making phone calls to airlines I thought to myself Oh shit this is actually happening again and obviously I panicked. I really hated moving. I don't usually adapt easily and I had finally felt at home and whole in my heart so it worried me to leave it all behind.

        Since I was feeling “tuff” I thought to myself “why not just move with my dad?”So me being the dumb teenager I am I actually moved with my dad. “ why would you leave with your dad?” My mother asked I responded angered, “ I refuse to leave and leave all of this behind just for you!”. 

      Summer came and I left my dad's house . Obviously my parents went looking for me. My mother even showed up about two times with the cops at 2 a.m when we had just gotten home from a party. My parents found me a couple of days later at my boyfriend's house , so this led up to a serious talk with not just my boyfriend's parents but also mine. At this point, I knew I was moving for sure “why else would they talk to both of us if we already made the decision of staying together” I thought to myself.

     My parents, His parents, my boyfriend and i had a talk and agreed on the fact that if I and his was “true love we would find our way back into each other” as my dad said which seemed like a bunch of bull at the moment but then again there were many things going through my head. The last time that I actually had an argument face to face with my dad I even told him “ I hate you and i will never forgive you for this”.


     Being back in Sacramento and going out with my old friends and partying with them has made me realize how much I would have missed if I actually stayed and married my boyfriend.I've learned that there is more to life than just being blinded by love.  There's a whole world to conquer, there are so many things to do and places to travel before even thinking about committing with someone in that way. Its been a year since this happened and I wonder if I will always ask myself “I wonder what could have been of my life If I actually stayed in Mexico and got married”.

The author's comments:

   This Piece is about a memory of mine . Especifically a mistake that I made about a year ago. 

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