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The Little Cricket

September 17, 2019
By TessDucky BRONZE, Celeste Tx, Texas
TessDucky BRONZE, Celeste Tx, Texas
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I am not afraid of dying, I’m afraid that once I am gone no one will remember who I am or who I was. What I did or what it was. I want to leave behind a legacy to protect, that will carry on through out the ages, and the the thought of me passing on and no one knowing or caring about what I did shakes my very core..... ~Me

There was once a little cricket. He grew up in fear. For he was just a small, helpless cricket. A cricket’s life is very short. They are constantly dying in different, helpless ways.

One day, he found himself hopping Into a humans shower, unknowingly that it was soon to be used. The shower started and it frightened him. So he hopped over to a corner and waited. A human named Tess soon got in and she was very frightening to him.
He decided he would climb up the corner walls and take shelter up high where he could hide. He began climbing, but when he tried It was too slippery. He started to become frantic. If he could not make It up he might be killed by the scary human! He hurried to climb up, but he just couldn’t. It was too slippery! The cricket was now stressing. He started frantically jumping and climbing, but it didn’t work.

Tess felt bad for the tiny cricket. She kept her distance and tried to block the water from hitting him, but she made no attempt to pick him up and put him outside. For she was too afraid he would jump on her. Besides it would only scare him more anyway.
Finally he gave up and decided to go for a different approach. He decided he would try to escape through the same place he came In at. It carefully watched the peculiar human, inching ever so closely to the shower door.

It took one more glance at the human then decided to try and make an escape. He jumped quickly, lifting himself off the ground and….missed. It was too slippery. He decided he decided to try again. He braced himself again and jumped. He bounced off the edge and landed on his back. That was the end. The poor cricket was at the end of his line, he couldn’t get back up off his back.

Tess Felt bad, she had really hoped he would survive. She touched him to see if he was okay, but she already knew the answer to that. He had died. “The poor thing.” She thought. She pushed him to the other side of the shower as his final resting place.
The rest of the shower she thought about what his life was probably like. She realized that a crickets life is short, and probably not very pleasant. She felt so bad for the little cricket she had been watching during her shower. She realized how afraid he was, how frantic he was just to get away, just so he could live. That he was so frantic to get away, to just live, that he drove himself to death.

As she thought about a crickets short life, and the crickets journey today. She realized how similar her and the cricket were. How everyone goes through life just trying to survive, how we do anything just for a chance to stay alive.

She learned a lot from that small cricket that day. It taught her to just be happy. Not to just survive, but to actually live. She decided she would write about that cricket, to honor it.

So just remember, we all go through life trying to survive. We try so hard to stay here we don’t actually live our life. You may survive life, but surviving life is Not living life.

The author's comments:

This is story about a little cricket in my shower the other day. 

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" It is my belief that there are two people in the world: Those who look at clouds and see shapes, and those who look at clouds and see clouds."

OMG, were YOU Tess? I love the story!

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