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Manifesting Rays

August 27, 2019
By disha1028 BRONZE, Woodside, New York
disha1028 BRONZE, Woodside, New York
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Painting has created very safe and uplifting atmosphere for me. It creates new senses and feelings that spark a new reality. Painting unburdens my lack of confidence and shyness. But most importantly, Painting has allowed me to express who I truly am. I have been shy most of my life. I was never a social butterfly and would never participate in any social activities. I always kept to myself and never gained the confidence to be bold and express my inner-self. However, one instant had changed this feeling forever.          

The moment I first picked up a paintbrush, I felt a sense of confidence. In this confusing moment, picking up the ferrule of that paintbrush sparked a feeling as if I had control over my life. Painting soft strokes of vibrant yet subtle colors against the canvas made my mind enter a state of euphoria. As the paint splashed the canvas, I felt a sense of a transformation. It gave me a sense that I can resurrect my ideal identity and the qualities of confidence. While holding the canvas with my bare hands, I felt the urge to paint a sunset at the beach. I felt this sense of comfort and boldness as this image came to mind. The different aspects that make up the painting felt motivating. I soon realize that these individual pieces symbolized my inner wishes of the characteristics I soon would like to manifest.  

As I lightly stroked the vibrant colors of the beautiful sunrise, I felt the vivid colors running through my veins. I felt the boldness of the colors pop through my eyes and electrify the rest of my body as I blended the radiant colors. The pigments of the animated sunrise made me feel bold and brave, a feeling I wished would never fade. It made me feel as i could surmount the world with my paintbrush. As I was building up the texture of the bright sun, the paintbrush took tender strokes in one circular direction. Just as the tropical sun was used as a source of direction in the past, my golden sun was instructing me towards the direction of becoming a brighter person. Just as my name means direction in hindi, the sun was directing me to become my inner confident self. I felt as the glittering sun was guiding me to sizzle through my norm and transform into a new me. It made me imagine all the endless possibilities and opportunities upholded towards me. When the calescent sun reaches the horizon of the cool blue water, it breaks free the first few rays of light. Like so, I sensed the need to start breaking through my barriers of my insecurities and shyness. I continued on to misty blue water, gently stroking the brush against the canvas to make sure no sudden movements would mess up the delicate flow of the water. The cool blue filled my eyes with tranquility. The delicate strokes of water reassured me the feeling of pacify. The dainty flow of the colorful pigments of blue kindled my perspective of the world. It gave me an initiative to take matters with a serene stance. The details and deepness of the water stimulated a search for a profound comprehension of myself and a confident personality.   

As my painting approached an end, I realized that these individual pieces symbolized my inner wishes of characteristics I want to manifest. Combining the characteristics of the pigments of the sunrise, sun, and water has provided a base to become a confident individual. Painting has showed me the passage to my true identity and change my perspective on the world. I gain this new shot of confident that scared away my shyness. It was a new me, a new me that I liked better. I was reborn just like the sun rises back bigger and brighter every morning creating the breathtaking view of the sunrise. 

The author's comments:

This piece brings out my creativity through my words and expressions of feelings. Writing about this piece allows me to introspect on my own self and allows me to express who I truly am. 

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