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February 25, 2019
By briannamoreno SILVER, Sacramento, California
briannamoreno SILVER, Sacramento, California
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"Go until you lose¨ - Albert einstein.

Fitting in was hard after moving from such a different place.Not knowing who to hang out with,scared of being misinterpreted. It was such a rush trying to speak without feeling like a fool.Lucky for me I had an amazing teacher who helped me and made me feel welcomed .All of my classmates were so nice they always put a big smile on my face.Even past all those laughs and funny moments there were not many brown kids like me and that made me feel lost.Having to fit in and get used to all these new ways new transitions weren't a piece of cake they took a lot of hard work and effort.I remember how the thought of just speaking to someone made my palms extremely sweaty or the feeling of speaking in front of the hole class made me constantly nauseous.Now I look back and I am so grateful for all those people who actually gave me a chance and opened her amazing hearts to a stranger.

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