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Ode to my shoes

February 25, 2019
By lilbbstayfresh BRONZE, Sacramento, California
lilbbstayfresh BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Me and my shoes have been through it all

They have been everywhere with me

They have seen LA in the summer time it was so hot they were dying

They have seen vegas during New Year in the winter it was so cold they were begging to go in

But they smelt all the good food in the air and choose to stay outside

I have to pick an diffrent pair out my closet every morning

I love looking at them at them all the time

My top favorite 3 shoes are my “new love jordan 1s”

My black and white “vapor max” and my “gucii foams”

I remeber getting a whoopin and my shoes just stood right there to watch

They hate falling in gum

But love spotting money from miles away

I get so mad when they step on one of my puppies

They love matching with my outfit

They help me pick my clothes out in the morning

When they fall in dog poop they throw up

they tell me they hate that smell they say it smells as bad as my little brother dipper

They love sitting and watching the sunset

With the good taste of popcorn

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