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The dream of Canadian fishing

October 24, 2018
By SKIUSA SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
SKIUSA SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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As the sun emerges out of the low-lying-foggy clouds,

my biological alarm clock rings.

The brisk northern winds show the slight sight of steam off the lake—

making the lake look like a six by seventeen mile hot tub.

The ripples of water—

bring a feeling of vacation.

I cast out into the unknown. Our journey began—

perched on a boat, without another person in sight.

Bald eagles dot the surrounding area—

I see untouched nature. No signs of human intervention.

No houses, no piers, and not a single boat—

only in Ontario, Canada, do I experience this.


yet adrenaline runs through my body.

I look at the nature of the surroundings—

astonished by the beauty of our Earth.

The lingering smell of campfire drifts over the lake—

in hopes of bringing home a day’s catch.  

With the sun setting over the lake—

I realized I have lost track of time.  

The beautiful day in Canada ends—

and now I must prepare for the next…

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