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Why I Write This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I am writing because it’s 12:12 AM and I have to get up for school in six hours, yet there’s nothing I’d rather be doing. Why sleep when there’s so much that can be said, so much to share with everyone, anyone who... (more »)
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Family Reunion
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Most people tend to grow up with their siblings from the time they’re born. For me, this wasn’t really the case. My sisters and one of my brothers all shared one mother, who they lived with while I lived with my own mom. I knew my... (more »)
The Wild West
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the wild west. where i was born. and raised. and live.   i was born in venice beach, california. a place where waves roam wild and people pick up their feet without being afraid to slam them back in to the ground. a place where... (more »)
HOME: A Struggle Between Settling and Striving
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A small town, full of people with the greatest of ambitions. It's happy here. The trees fill the vast amount of land surrounding me, calling out for adventure. Its never dull, unless forced to be. Every corner a different theme, a different... (more »)
The Journey to Find Laughter Again
By , Wexford, PA
Someone laughed.  It may have been my dad, mother, or one of the dozen best friends I had at school.  The sound of laughter was something that I would like to remember.  I learned that laughter was of little importance to the... (more »)
Dear Young Myself on Making Friends
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Dear Young Myself on Making Friends,   Sometimes friends come in the simplest ways. In fact, most of the time they come in the simplest ways. Don't expect a lightning bolt, it might be nothing but…. Well.... (more »)
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My favorite place to be outside is anywhere surrounded by trees, with my dog by my side with a ball for him to chase; so I can feel the memories of what I once had and what I wish I could have forever. Every time I enter the woods I feel a rush... (more »)
My Brother
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This story is about my brother. My brother’s name is Cillian and currently he is twelve years old. Yes he is my little brother but I don’t think of him as little as much as he is my younger brother. Anyways this was when we lived in Alabama.... (more »)
My Brother
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I consider myself very lucky for many reasons but on the top of the list is because of my family. They are all incredible and I feel beyond fortunate to have them place such a key role in my life. Each one of my family members plays a key role... (more »)
The Evening Night Became Day
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The sun began to set on that brisk Summer evening of 2012, and a beautiful haze of fuchsia and coral obscured my vision as the sunset fell upon the sky. All I could depict was the soft flickering of lightning bugs and the bright chatter of... (more »)
7:28 AM
By , Providence, RI
This morning, I was barely awake. I had only the mind to stand and watch my breath flow out from my lips and nostrils with each exhale. It looked just like downtown, when the smoke rises in its gracefully ugly way out and over the highway from... (more »)
the band Incident
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my memoir is about the day that nearly changed my life forever and changed how a handful of peers viewed me differently because of one class. Chapter 1: the band Incident The Band Incident Ever since I arrived in middle school I was a happy... (more »)
The Day My Soul Was Stolen
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I’m sitting here in the emergency room. It smells like death and sickness, but my own terrifying thoughts about my grandmother dying are distracting me from the smell. I really want her to be okay. “Aaron,” I hear a... (more »)
Five Sided Eye
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Eyes. Eyes are the most important aspect of the human body. They show everything about a person. My brother has deep blue eyes like the salty sea off the seashore.  The adolescent evokes emotion when interested, pupils gaping wide when landing... (more »)
Change of Life
Six years ago my life changed. It changed when I moved to the United States I was feeling nervous and excited but mostly sad. I left behind loved ones, my home where I grew and was raised, where all my good memories happened. However I... (more »)
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Late in the 1970s a family of 2, Pao and Ger who were brothers that lived in the mountains of Laos. As they lived in poverty and in straw houses while having very little to eat. They worked hard to get the things that they did.... (more »)
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