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With The Room So Dark

January 5, 2009
By Anonymous

The room was dark, so dark that I couldn’t even see my own hand in front of me. On occasion the flash from the cameras would light up enough to see where I was. The sound of the screams from the crowd over powered the humming of the feedback. Movement can be sensed on stage, but not enough can be known for sure.
I sit on the ground right close to the stage. An old coffee table digs into my back but I try and tolerate the annoyance. A variety of cables lay underneath me. I hoped that nothing was messed up because of my inconvenient location, oh well. My attention goes back to the stage.
The hallow banging of the drums progressively gets louder and louder. The noise from the tightened vinyl is directly related to the volume of the sound of the cheers coming from all around the room. The lights came on blindingly. The weight of all 5 bodies landing on the floor in unison made the floor shake like an earthquake.
My face was lit up from the electric feel coming from the lights on stage. I was so close I could smell the sweat and metal. I could see the spit flying from the mouths. I can see the wink from the man on left to the man on the right as they change right into another song.
I can feel the tension from the photographers fighting for the front spot on the floor. I can feel the love from the fans, screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs. I can feel the wind from the notes being played.
I felt warm, I felt loved, I felt where I belonged. After five minutes of the music being played, I realized I found home. The love is too much, the air is just right, the sound is so sweet. This is love, and this is home.

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