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My First Slow Dance

November 19, 2014
By Swimmergirl101 GOLD, Rolla, Missouri
Swimmergirl101 GOLD, Rolla, Missouri
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It is official. My life is over. “Maura, stop twitching! It will ruin your make up!” I exclaim.
“Sorry, it’s just I don’t like stuff on my face” Maura replied.
“It’s o.k. I wish that sometimes I didn’t have to hide who I really am.” Well evidently there is a rumor going around saying Spencer likes me. I say gross. Sometimes I don’t want to be the one that kills the fun but all the girls are saying I’m boy crazy but I’m not.
Haleigh walked in and is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a cute tee shirt. I’m going to wear white jeans and a tank top and a shawl over it. Michelle is going to wear jeans and a sport shirt
“Who is slow dancing tonight?” Haleigh asks. None of us raises our hand. We’re disgusted by it. Earlier, the staff came into the gym while we were doing the electric slide, cupid shuffle, and the cha cha slide. They told us we had to slow dance. I had to dance with Spencer.
“Maura!” I yell.
“What?” Maura says.
“You seriously have got to stop twitching.” I reply. Maura wanted me to do her makeup after seeing mine. I compliment her eyes with a light sparkly green. I use bronzer and blush with a pink lipstick to finish off the face. Now I’m working on mascara.
The staff gives a five minute warning. Michelle and Haleigh are doing final touches to clothes and makeup. Michelle got mascara in her eye. I finish off Maura and do final touches on clothing. Maura does the same.
We make our way to the dance floor which is just a basket ball court. We make a big circle around half quart. We get glow sticks. What a chemistry experiment. I have trouble breaking mine, so Johanna helps me. When they turn on the strobe lights, they blind me half to death. Our first song We are Young. I don’t know who wrote it. ‘We are young, we will set the world on fire, let us burn brighter than the sun tonight.’  I wish that I could live life like that.
“A lot of you seem to like fast songs. What if we slowed down a little?” the announcer says.
“Michelle, run for your life,” I whisper. Get to the bathroom, get to the bathroom, I think. I don’t want to slow dance. Ten girls at the least follow me. We bolt in there as quickly as possible. We each find little hiding spots, hoping the staff doesn’t find us. Johanna eventually walked in, about halfway through the song and told us to come out. Maura, Michelle, Haleigh, and I stay put. Nobody will notice, or so we think. Johanna counted heads as the girls left the bathroom. She left eventually, but there was uncertainty in the air.
We come out when we hear a different song playing. It is Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus. I really like this song. Michelle, Haleigh, Maura, and I dance and dance. The night flew by.
Eventually, another slow song came on. This guy, Nathan, is in my chemistry class, asks me to dance. In my head I scream No, don’t say yes!!! But I had to. So I say yes.
We dance for what seems like eternity. We don’t talk just danced. That’s what made it akward. I was discussted because he was Creepy Nathan. He says and does a lot of stupid but creepy stuff. One night, I caught him looking in the window of one of the girls’ dorm rooms. I screamed. And screamed. And screamed. This is also why the dance is so awkward.
The song ends and I’m free. Michelle had to dance with the Yetie. Paige danced with Gear Bear. She really likes him.
“Paige, why did you slow dance with Gear Bear. Do you like him?” I ask.
“No, wait yes, no. I don’t like him!!!” she growls angrily.
“Jeeze calm down” I reply.
What’s gotten into her attitude? Paige has been like this all week. She has snapped at anybody who has mentioned them liking Gerard. We all call him Gear Bear. Maura was coming over. She wanted to know why Paige is so angry.
“She is mad that I asked about Gear Bear,” I say.
“Agreed, she hates talking about him,” she replies.
All of a sudden. I get this throbbing headache. I go and get a drink from the water fountain and sit against the wall. A group of girl sees me and come over.
“Are you alright?” one asks.
“Yes, it’s just my head hurts,” I say.
After another ten minuets of pain, I cant wait any longer and I ask Johanna to get ibuprofen and go to the dorms.
“Hey, Johanna, my head hurts really bad,” I say.
“Okay, come with me and lets go back to the dorms,” she replies
We walk over and I lie there in the dark of my dorm room. After about ten minuets, Michelle comes in and gets ready for bed. I get up and shower.
I feel much better than I did before. I think my head hurt because of the strobe lights.
“Why did you leave early?” Michelle asked.
“My head hurt,” I reply.
“The last song was by Justin Beiber!” she exclaims.
“That’s annoying, the last song is supposed to be good!!!” I scream.
“Ya, we all left after that,” she replies.
“Lets sleep,” I yawn.
“Good idea,” Michelle says as she lies down. We go to bed and sleep really well. We had a fun night, other than the slow dancing. I figured out that slow dancing is so not my thing.

The author's comments:

When this happen, I wanted to go in a hole and die.  This was one of the worst days of my life.

I still dont like slow dances.

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